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"It looks fantastic, you'd never know it wasn't originally made to be a pinhole camera."
                                                                                               -= Allison Trentelman =-

Pinhole size = .0079" or  0.2010 mm
Equivalent to approx a 40 mm focal Length and an f stop of f/215

Click here for the PinHolga Exposure Guide

Download David Balihar's PINHOLEDESIGNER 2.0
The best Pinhole program I've come across.

Images taken with a PinHolga

Your PinHolga will be outfitted with interior flocking,
bulb option, tripod mount, locking cable release,
your choice of 6x6 or 6x4.5 mask, and camera strap
for the price of $61.95  (in the US) Payable by
Money order or Bank cashiers check only.
Shipping via USPS 2-3 day Priority Mail
International shipping will be higher.


For those on a budget, the Economy PinHolga
Does not have a shutter, or cable release.
Exposure is controlled by covering the pinhole with
the included custom lens cap. comes with a tripod mount.

Warranty or Guarantee?
Your PinHolga starts it's life as a Holga
And because of that, It's a safe bet that your PinHolga will
leak light, possibly vignette seriously around the edges,
the shutter may stick, the back may fall off ruining your film
if you don't tape the heck out of it, etc.

Most people will say all of the above will happen if you're lucky.

My modifications do nothing to affect dependibility

So just remember, you're buying a
made in China where there is absolutely no quality control.
Each Holga is like a finger Print, no two are alike.
And because of that, I offer no guarantees or warranties whatsoever

Colored front to your PinHolga or Economy PinHolga?
......Just state color choice when ordering......
Black, blue, red or green

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