Modified Holga Order Form


                        -=Please note=-
"I will modify your Holga or WOCAS.... If sending more than one,and each have different modification levels,
please fill out a seperate order form for each camera. Or enter any additional instructions in the Special Request
section below.  You will not be charged more than once for shipping"

Warranty or Guarantee?    (Very Important)   See Below
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# of your Holgas to modify @ $19.00
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Film Format 6x4.5 6x6
Flocking? (Free) Yes No
Tripod Mount?($3.00) Yes No
Bulb/Time Exposure?($10.00) Yes No
Cable Release?($13.50) Yes No
Velcro to hold back on? ($2.00) Yes No
Shipping Insurance? Yes No
Colored Holga? ($10.00)
ILFORD HP5 Plus B&W Film @$3.95 each

Special Request

Warranty or Guarantee?
It's still a Holga!  And because of that, It's a safe bet that your Holga or PinHolga will leak light,
take out of focus pictures, possibly vignette seriously around the edges, the shutter
may stick, the back may fall off ruining your film if you don't tape the heck out of it,
the flash may fire twice or not at all, etc.

Most people will say all of the above will happen if you're lucky.

My modifications do nothing to affect dependability

So just remember, you're buying a
TOY CAMERA made in China where there is absolutely
no quality control. Each Holga is like a finger Print, no two are alike.  And because of that,
I offer no guarantees or warranties whatsoever.