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Along with my other Holgas and their mods, I'll now be offering the Holgamod 612 Pan in 3 versions.

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Your Personal Holga Calibration Sheet.

A Holga is like a fingerprint, no two are ever alike.
Most poeple shoot 2 or 3 rolls of film through their Holga before the get a feel for what each icon on the lens relates to as far as distance. For a small fee, I will supply you with a sheet similar to the image at the left with the exact distance measurements for "your" Holga.
Look for this on the order page.

I'm now restoring and modifying
Kodak Brownie Hawkeyes.

Click on the Crown Graphic Photo
to email me if you have any questions

If interested, send an email to

ONLY 1 Left

Polaroid 110A Conversion:
Accepts FUJI FP-100 series Films.
$350.00 plus shipping
Labor only
Customer supplies 110A ior 110B
If interested, email


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 International Shipping Included

UPDATE:     10/07/2014

I have enough parts to make 1 Waist Level Holgas
They will go fast.
The way this works?  You head to my order page, decide which Holga and modification level you would like the $35.00 waist level added to, send an email to:

I'll work up a price for you and let you kow how to send payment.
Once payment is sent, you are put on the build list.

Please note:
Waist Level Holgas take a few extra days to build and ship

Shown above......  Deluxe Colored Holga with Waist Level

Due to my expanding customer base, and the different ways in which we view our
world, I can no longer accept 'nude' images for submission to the gallery section, 
this is not a matter that I wish to debate, so please don't email me about the 
logisitics and sensibilities surrounding this issue... this was not a difficult decision
to make, based in part on the wide scope of people who view my site.

Email Randy at:

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Warranty or Guarantee?
It's still a Holga!  And because of that, It's a safe bet that your Holga will leak light, take out of focus pictures, possibly vignette seriously around the edges, the shutter may stick, the back may fall off ruining your film if you don't tape the heck out of it, the flash may fire twice or not at all, etc
Most people will say all of the above will happen if you're lucky.

My modifications do nothing to affect dependability

So just remember, you're buying a
TOY CAMERA made in China where there is absolutely no quality control. Each Holga is like a finger Print, no two are alike.  and each modified Holga is made to order and because of that, I offer no guarantees or warranties whatsoever and can not be returned.